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  Scytera Foam Psoriasis Treatment
Scytera Foam Psoriasis Treatment


An effective foam aerosol, non-prescription treatment for psoriasis!

  • Easy to use foam applicator
  • No prescription required - over the counter
  • Treats psoriasis and helps control abnormal cell reproduction
  • Patented odor-neutralizing formula

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Scytera® Foam Psoriasis Treatment

Treatment for Psoriasis with Scytera®!

Scytera® Foam offers patients with psoriasis a time-tested and effective active ingredient in a new, cosmetically-appealing foam formulation.
  • Scytera® is not messy, spreads easily, and absorbs and dries quickly
  • Scytera Foam does not have the unpleasant odor typically associated with coal tar products
  • Scytera Foam minimizes the potential for staining, typically associated with coal tar products Scytera Tar Foam Psoriasis Treatment
  • Excellent long-term safety profile

Treat Psoriasis with Scytera® Foam

Scytera® Foam delivers coal tar, a time-tested active ingredient in a treatment for psoriasis over the counter. Coal tar has a long history of efficacious psoriasis therapy, but has several limiting cosmetic issues such as staining, odor, and greasiness. Scytera® Foam has formulated coal tar into a cosmetically appealing formulation that minimizes these concerns.

In a formulation preference study, 79% of patients found Scytera®
Foam to have an acceptable fragrance. Scytera® minimizes the potential for staining and can be used any time - morning till night. Finally, it spreads easily, and absorbs and dries quickly.
Scytera® Foam is very versatile and can be used for generalized psoriasis or localized psoriasis and in combination with numerous other psoriasis treatments.

Scytera® Foam can work for you

Scytera® is a novel treatment for psoriasis, which contains coal tar, a time-tested, effective ingredient, delivered in a cosmetically, appealing foam. An alternative is to use a spray, such as Psoria® Psoriasis Treament Spray that does not use tar in it's formualtion. Scytera® Foam can be used:

  • Alone to manage psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, plague psoriasis, red dots on the skin and dandruff (scalp psoriasis)
  • In combination with other topical therapies, such as corticosteroids for psoriasis treatment
  • In rotation with other treatments that cannot be used because of long-term adverse events

buy Scytera

  • For effective treatment of chronic psoriasis skin disease
  • Easy to apply foam
  • Cosmetically-elegant, patient-pleasing
  • First coal tar product in the market
  • No prescription required - Over the counter OTC
  • Our best selling treatment for psoriasis