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Key Causes of Spider Veins


When the valves controlling blood flow or the wall in the vein become weak, it leads to an enlargement of the blood vessels. In medical terms, this is known as sunburst varicosities or Telangiectasias.  Though most often associated with the legs and thighs in women, spider veins are common in men and on the face and nose as well. This is why understanding what causes spider veins is so important.


What causes spider veins?

The causes for spider veins cannot be isolated into one or two. There are different causes under different conditions. Exposure to extreme temperature variations, wind and sun damage, use of oral contraceptives, hormonal issues particularly in women, aging, and genetic predisposition are among the most common causes for spider veins.
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  • Aging + broken capillaries
  • UVA/UVB sun exposure
  • Hormonal shifts
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Obesity
  • Occupation
  • Poor blood circulation (vein health)
  • Heredity
  • Birth control + oral contraceptives
While the incidence of spider veins is more in women, men can also be afflicted with this problem particularly with aging. In women however, a larger incidence is observed. Use of oral contraceptives, certain cosmetic applications, issues relating to pregnancy, obesity or overweight are among the common causes when we consider spider vein occurrence in women.
Men who spend large amounts of time outdoors in sun and wind in discharge of their occupational responsibilities have been found to be more susceptible to spider vein problems. The singular factor common to all these conditions is poor blood circulation within the metabolic system. The blood that gets pumped up to the heart has a fair distance to travel on its return path, before reaching the legs. The causes of spider veins can be any thing from genetic to traumatic.
Preventing spider vein can become easier once this is understood and facial skin care can reduce the occurrence of broken or seeping capillaries, but can clear skin and aid in prevention.

Characteristics of Spider veins

Spider veins are within the larger scope of the vascular system, but not an essential component. There is negligible or nil health risk associated with spider vein, but the social embarassment can be a personal issue requiring treatment for removal of the spider veins. Night cramps, discomfort or swelling localized to the affected area can be experienced by some of the patients. In some other cases , the discomfort will be absent although the visible blotch of blue, red or purple bunch of veins right under the skin can be a cause for concern.


While there are a number of natural ways to prevent spider veins from occurring or even arrest further growth after initial signs have developed, some of the more common treatment approaches are discussed below. If you can avoid standing for long durations that would greatly compliment your efforts in minimizing the spread of spider veins.
Conventional treatments are Laser Therapy wherein the treatment is quick, non invasive and with no discomfort. Sclerotherapy uses a sclerosing injection and is equally quick. However, a 2nd or 3rd treatment may be necessary. A cream such as Capiderm® is an especially effective spider vein treatment.  It is non-invasive and allows for spot curing of spider veins on the legs, nose and cheeks without the expense - or pain - associated with injections.
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