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The Best Lotion for Sagging Skin

Smooth and tighten sagging and loose tissue from aging, weight loss or sun damage!
Skin Tight® is the best lotion for sagging skin and firming tummy and belly skin resulting from weight loss, surgery or natural aging.  Matrixyl 3000 and Hyaluronic Acid firms looseness and flabbiness following pregnancy, weight gain, or excessive dryness.
Lotion for sagging skin
Soluble Collagen rebuilds and strengthens connective tissue matrix - Collagen and Elastin - to give skin a smooth, firm appearance and feel.  Effective for:
  • Post surgical procedures
  • Diet and weight loss programs
  • Liposuction and plastic surgery
  • Gain or loss from hypo-thyroidism
Effective Firming Regardless of The Cause
There are many reasons why women and men suffer from sagging skin.  Pregnancy, nursing, weight loss and aging can cause tissue to sag - even body building and rapid or extensive exercise. 
Skin Tight® uses advanced and proven active ingredients to re-hydrate and add firmness - smoothing the complexion and surface tissue, while encouraging and promoting healthy cell renewal to help remove and smooth saggy tissue.
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What are the Ingredients to Look for in Lotions for Sagging Skin?


Collagen is a substance that is directly responsible for the elasticity of your skin.  Without it, the epidermis begins to droop and sag.  Collagen is one part of the total package you should look for to firm. 


The other ingredients include Shea Butter, Aloe, Emu Oil, Omega 3, and Hyaluronic Acid.  Shea Butter and Aloe help soothe your dry skin.  You may not think you have dry skin but dehydration is one of the most common causes of sagging and wrinkled appearance. 
Some of the creams that are most effective will also contain emu Oil, which has amazing cleansing and moisturizing properties.  The antioxidants in Omega 3 are very important when it comes to firming and tightening the skin.  Antioxidants help promote new cell growth and membrane health.  It has been touted all over the world that antioxidants are exceptionally important to healthy skin. 


Skin Tight® is the best lotion for sagging skin because it replenishes lost moisture, tones and firms, and moisturizes without feeling greasy or oily.  It works to provide improved dermal health lessening wrinkled tissue and tightening.


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