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Strivectin - Does Strivectin Work?

Strivectin has become simply a phenom among skin care products. 
Originally formulated to help remove and fade stretch marks (Strivectin-SD Cream), Strivectin ingredients also help firm and tighten skin while improving skin elasticity and hydration - a perfect combination for wrinkles; thus, Strivectin-SD Eye Cream - Strivectin deep wrinkle cream for the eyes.  A natural migration for anti aging skin care was to introduce Strivectin-HC a formulated treatment for hands. 
Why StriVectin® works so well for your skin?
You have been exercising a lot and before you know it you have developed deep stretch marks. While many people may tell you stretch marks cannot be removed, it is a fact that with the regular application of StriVectin you can totally eliminate these marks. Not just that, using this proprietary topical formulation you can get rid of those nasty wrinkles too!
What is StriVectin® made of?
This revolutionary topical cream consists of a blend of elasticizers, firming agents and hydrating mechanisms. Each of these work holistically to repair the deepest tissues and skin cells, thereby removing all fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. The hydration and elasticizing mechanisms help to restore the suppleness and moistness of the skin while also lending it a characteristic new firmness and resilience. Click here to see ingredients in Strivectin.
Why do wrinkles happen?
As our bodies age so does our skin. Due to this the skin loses its natural ability to produce Elastin and Collagen the substances that lend skin its resilience and flexibility. This can result in sagging, dull skin which looks dehydrated and wrinkled up. This is why after a certain age people need an external mechanism which will perk up the skin and infuse all the hydration and repair it needs. StriVectin serves to accomplish just that.
Statistics reveal breakthrough effects
In the earlier days people had to suffer from wrinkles and poor skin. However, today the invention of StriVectin® has ensured that even the toughest of stretch marks can be successfully removed. Statistics as per studies conducted reveal that as much as 93% of candidates displayed reduction in their stretch marks!
Does StriVectin work?
This new formulation helps to repair the underlying skin cells and is said to accomplish the following effects:
  • Reduction in stretch mark length
  • Reduction of all indented surfaces on the skin
  • Enhance smoothness of skin surface
  • Make skin thicker and firmer in appearance and texture
  • Help in synthesis and production of collagen and glycosaminoglycan
  • Rectify skin discolorations and patchiness
Directions for usage
It is important to use this formula on clean and dry skin. A maximum of 3 times application in a day is allowed. Since it is concentrated in nature try to use in small quantities per application. Use circular movements to massage the cream into the skin’s problem spots. You need to massage the skin hard while rubbing the cream in.
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StriVectin-SD Stretch Mark Cream for stretch marks
StriVectin-SD Stretch Mark Cream
List Price: $153.00
Our Price: $135.00
You save $18.00!


Eliminate the appearance of stretch marks. Proprietary complex confronts the slackening of skin responsible for stretch marks.
StriVectin Photo White Night Cream
StriVectin Photo White Night Cream
List Price: $120.00
Our Price: $107.00
You save $13.00!

Deep moisturizes and hydrating night cream 7% NIA-114 and Vitamin C evens skin tone, fades darkened discoloration and rejuvenates collagen for smoother, softer, lighter skin.
StriVectin Neck Cream - Reduces wrinkles on the neck.
StriVectin Neck Cream
List Price: $90.00
Our Price: $87.65
You save $2.35!


StriVectin Neck Cream visibly firms and tightens the neck area, reducing the appearance of sagging skin to improve the look of the neckline and décolletage. It also evens skin tone and discolorations.
StriVectin Bust Serum
StriVectin Bust Serum
List Price: $105.00
Our Price: $83.50
You save $21.50!

Improve the appearance and full-shape of the bust line and breasts. Non-Hormonal Complex to lift, firm and tighten bust area and maximize breast contour, look and feel!
StriVectin-WH Photo-White Booster Serum
StriVectin Photo White Booster Serum
List Price: $93.00
Our Price: $75.00
You save $18.00!

NIA-114 and Vitamin C complex lighten and brighten skin. Effectively fades discoloration of dark spots, age spots and evens skin tone.  Goes on smooth with non-greasy feel.  Excellent for face, hands and arms!