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The Beurer Soft Laser™ VSL40 | At Home, Safely!

The Soft Laser™ VSL40 is truly an innovative and advanced solution to most of today’s skin problems. This personal-use low level laser is totally safe, gentle, non-invasive and very effective. Used commonly throughout Europe and at the hottest spas around the world, low level laser skin therapy has no side effects, adverse reactions, produces no heat or discBeurer Soft Laseromfort, and the results are commonly seen within days to weeks.
  • Safe, gentle and easy to use
  • Same results as many higher priced, professional units and treatments
  • Effective or acne, skin resurfacing, rosacea, blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines
The Soft Laser™ uses the same modern and breakthrough laser skin therapy technology that many of today's top medical professionals pay thousands of dollars for, but is now available to use in the privacy of your home for a fraction of the price. This is a laser for your skin that you can use from home.
Soft Laser™ produces an amplified and synchronized infrared light (laser beam) at a wavelength of 635-675 nanometers. This wavelength triggers a cellular and biochemical process which is great for at home laser treatment.

"This is going to sound crazy but I think that I am addicted to your Soft Light Laser. I have turned my home into a little spa with my friends coming over to use it. I know that 3 or 4 friends have already bought the laser from you. It works that good on my face. Everyone saw the difference."

  • Increased circulation to the affected area ATP (energy) and collagen production
  • Stimulation of the mitochondria (cellular healing)
  • Red light at this wavelength is very effective for superficial use (skin) and does not penetrate into tissue below
  • Red light at this wavelength is great for wound healing and skin conditions

Consider a great home skin laser treatment, the Soft Laser uses high amplitutde red laser light to stimulate collagena and elastin fiber and promote healthy skin repair...