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Joint & Muscle | Improve range of motion and relieve painJoint and muscle pain relief

Targeted skin care and dietary supplements work to relieve stiff and sore joints and muscles - naturally! A unique combination of natural safe nutrients designed to aid in the relief of arthritis pain, muscle stiffness and soreness and to provide improved joint and muscle flexibility. Each ingredient has it own effective use in combating joint or cartilage mobility, development of resilience and tensile strength, or reduction of inflammation.


Glucosamine is essential to metabolism of cartilage. Chondroitin draws fluid into the tissue improving tendon, muscle and joint flexibility and health, and Manganese is necessary for the biological synthesis of glycosaminoglycans.  Emu Oil is made up of concentrated Omega 3 fatty acids and has a natural ability to penetrate quickly and deeply carrying with it effective nutrient, minerals and proteins. Its transdermal properties carry soothing relief and repair deep into dermal skin layers.

Relief for Joint Pain

While there is little that can compete with an aspirin or two to relieve the inflammation and stiffness of joint or muscle pain, creams and capsules with chondroitin, emu oil, glucosamine, and manganese have been proven to provide long-term benenfits to reduce swelling, help rebuild tissue, muscle and tendons, and to provide a reduction of pain experienced from joints due to aging, exercise, injury (tendonitis), and arthritis.
In particular, joint and muscle and "sports" creams in many cases are very fast acting due to their ability to be absorbed into the blood stream at high effective rates.  In fact, several vitamin supplement manufacturers are now providing vitamins in cream forms due to higher  and faster absorption rates - allowing chemicals, medicines, and active ingredients to help heal tissue, joint connections and strained, overused or torn muscles.