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How Do Pore Minimizers Work?

Some of us are afflicted with over-sized and enlarged pores, particularly on the nose and medial cheeks. What creates enlarged pores anyway and how do we make pores smaller?

First, your genetics may play a pivotal role – unfortunately – and the blame can be placed on predisposition. Second, clogged pores become irritated and swell and swell. Clogged pores capture bacteria and microbes that inflame tissue and enlarge. Proper treatment with skin care products eliminate oils, dirt and bacteria leaving pores to minimize and heal.

Enlarged pores are most common with those of us with oily skin resulting from over-active sebaceous glands – the glands residing in subcutaneous tissue. The more oil produced, the higher the risk pores become clogged. Second, pores can easily become clogged by dead skin that accumulates at the pore’s base. Your complexion will suffer and pores will often appear larger while attracting dirt and bacteria. Third, as we age pores naturally enlarge.
So, what can we do about enlarged pores and what is the best way to make pores smaller??

exfoliate periodically. Exfoliation gently removes the dead layer of skin on the face. When we are younger our physiology sloughs skin naturally. As we get older, natural exfoliation lessens, so it is important for us to periodically us a microderm abrasion cream that will not only exfoliate, but deep clean facial tissue.

Products containing alpha hydroxy or salicylic acids have been found to be most effective without damaging underlying tissue. Though these are chemical compounds that assist in exfoliating and cleansing, physical abrasives that contain salts, sugars, fine walnut or minute sands work very well and are often combined with soothing botanicals.

Spa-quality body or facial scrubs often provide full-body exfoliation while infusing moisturizers and hydration with aromatherapy essential oils for invigorating, therapeutic treatment.

Third, cosmetically, enlarged pores are less noticeable if you use light-diffusing skin products. Products under this category may include natural or mineral cosmetics that perform cosmetic function, yet do not inflame the skin or irritate. Products with SPF protection offer the best solution to lessen inflammation. Emu Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamins E and A are also beneficial in caring for and healing.

First, choose an oil minimizing or oil regulating skin care product. Zinc PCA is a compound commonly found in skin care products that acts to regulate the sebaceous gland, thereby reducing oil production. This limits the accumulation of dead skin cells while reducing the environment that harbors bacteria.

Outside general exfoliation and careful use of skin care products, reduction of pore openings can often be achieved by reduction of oil production from the glands.

Infection, redness and irritation can occur when yeast or bacteria are allowed to form. Chronic or consistent clogging can invite enlargement making blackheads more prominent and prevalent. It is necessary to reduce or prevent inflammation and purify tissue for porous opening to heal, close and minimize.

A critical component of this regimen is controlling oily skin with either a face wash for oily skin, a toner used to spot treat areas along the nose or forehead. Reduction of oily deposits reduces bacteria growth and help prevent oils and yests from combining - making enlarged pore treatment difficult.

Conclusion: All in all pore openings are not necessarily the result of heredity or genes inhereited from your parents...or grandparents. Healthy cleansing of facial tissue - particularly around the top and sides of the nose, limits enlargement. It generally takes months for visible results to become apparent. The first step is to maintain a regimen of deep cleaning while preventing clogging.

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Directions: Apply Microderm Abrasion Cream to clean face and neck; pat dry. Apply Pore minimizing & Refinement Cream in circular motion. Remove excess with dry, clean cloth. Apply light coating of Emu Oil. Let stand for 10 minutes, remove excess with dry, clean cloth.